What is Dofus Planner?
Dofus Planner is a set creator tool for the international Dofus community. Set planning is an integral part of the game, and our website makes it easy for you to set a tangible goal for yourself. On this page, you will find some useful information about using our website, as well as some frequently asked questions.
Dofus Planner basics
Each unregistered user may save up to 20 sets as favorites. There's no limit for registered users! Favorite sets will be displayed on the homepage.
Favorites are a convenient way to save sets; you'll probably end up making tons and tons of sets, so you want to have some way to refer to important ones quickly. You can favorite not only your own sets, but also sets belonging to other people.
Unregistered users may continue editing the last 10 sets they've created. Registered users can edit any set they've ever created!
Burner sets
Dofus Planner projects are burner sets: you're supposed to create as many as you want, share them, and then forget about them. As an unregistered user, you can create an unlimited number of sets, but will only maintain the ability to edit the latest 10. (However, you can always copy an old set of yours to continue working on it.)
Registered users have access to every set they've ever created, and can edit them for as long as they want. We still encourage making new sets over editing existing ones, because we don't want someone to click a link to one of your old sets, only to find that it has been completely changed. Dofus Planner sets are never deleted, even if you dissociate one from your account. They're meant to be forever!
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Who runs Dofus Planner?
Dofus Planner is developed and run by Jon from Rushu. To contact him about anything related to Dofus Planner, you can email jon at dofusplanner dot com.
Additionally, we have two administrators: Ala and Coopers. You may contact them through Imps Village regarding items in the database.
Can I request a feature?
Yes, but most likely the feature you have in mind has already been planned for a future update. You can see a running list of shortcomings that we're already aware of on our Imps Village thread (as well as the features we do not plan on including).
How many sets can I create?
As many as you want.
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Special thanks to our wonderful translators!
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